The purpose of this blog is twofold. First, the obvious reason is that writing about having cancer will be therapeutic for me. Thanks to my mom for the idea. Second, it gives all of you loved ones, whom I invited to this blog, an opportunity to get an update on what is going on and how things are going. I am keeping my last name off of the blog so that it doesn’t come in people’s Google searches for information about my professional services. I’d rather not have one of the first things that people learn about me is that I have breast cancer. I haven’t hidden my health status from people in my practice, the parents anyway, but I would rather explain it to people directly.

Finally, since I am a psychologist in private practice, I know how to communicate with authority, as if I know what I am talking about. And in my job, I have the knowledge to back it up. However, in my blog, I talk about medical issues. So although I am knowledgeable about medical stuff for someone who does not work in medicine, please don’t confuse my know-it-all communication style with actual actual expertise. I am learning as I go along and often go back to correct errors in my posts after I’ve learned more. And then there are the mistakes I make that I don’t catch. Moreover, cancer is not one illness and even for breast cancer, there are multiple different diseases. And even for those of you who might also have, or know someone with ductal carcinoma, every case is different. But the common element among all individuals with cancer is the stress of facing a life threatening illness while still trying to be a full person, not just a cancer patient. So whether you and I are in the same boat or if a loved one is in this boat, I send you my most healing prayers and wishes.