I am a 48-year old psychologist, wife, and a mother. I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma on 5/24/12. Two of the strongest weapons in my coping arsenal have been humor and positive thinking. I also love to cook and invent/adapt recipes. The recipes posted on this blog are those full of nutrients believed to help fight cancer, breast cancer in particular. I only post recipes that I think are tasty and healthy except for the flax meal recipes. Some of those are just designed to help me ingest two tablespoons of ground flax meal each day, as recommended by my naturopathic physician, who is certified in oncology.  A final weapon in my coping arsenal is been writing this blog, which on average, I update twice per week.

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I know I am supposed to display this information in a footer on my webpage. I can’t figure out how to do it. From what I gather, doing so requires a knowledge of HTML programming that I don’t have. My hubby has it but he is busy taking care of his wife, who is being treated for breast cancer and his teenaged daughter, who’s dealing with her mom having breast cancer.

Finally, although I can sometimes write like a “know-it-all”, the medical and nutritional information discussed in my blog could be incorrect/ This blog is not to be used as a substitute for seeing professionals who have actual credentials.