I may actually have a week without any appointments or test results. What will I do with myself? I guess I can just peer back into my memory banks to 8 days ago and remind myself of what I did with my time. I can deal with that.

Okay, actually that’s a bit of a dream. I’m still working on cancer stuff. I’m trying to guess how much I can work this summer, whether I need to cancel folks I already have scheduled, and what to tell people in my practice. Fortunately, I have just a handful of long-term therapy clients since I mostly do testing and booster sessions for old clients.

Looking on the bright side, I’d have to take care of planning my workload and dealing with my clients whether I had medical appointments or not so it’s nice to have a few days breather. Plus, my right arm, which was poked three times in the span of 5 days is happy to have a little rest from blood draws, etc.