(c) 2012 Zoe H.

Zoey had an art assignment to do a portrait of herself displaying an emotion. She chose to draw herself displaying shock. I’m not sure the assignment was due before or after I told her that I had cancer, but I thought it showed one aspect of this experience very well. She seems to be doing pretty well, by the way so try not to worry. Or as John put it, “Wow Zoey, that’s really good. I’d put it in a frame it if it weren’t so horrifying.”

P.S. Zoey would probably want you to know that she was only given three days to complete this assignment as an explanation for why it is not somehow fancier or better in some way. I think it’s fabulous even if she’d spent the whole year on it. And given that I’m still working on Stick Figure Drawing 101, if I’d drawn this, I’d probably have it tattooed to my forehead.