Too much to do. I have a lot I could be writing about, but many brain is not cooperating. It’s like a bees nest in there. No, actually it’s more like being on one of those game shows where people get locked into a money booth and there’s a fan blowing all of the money around. I know there are lots of valuable thoughts about meaningful experiences in that money booth brain of mine. But the air’s blowing too hard for me to get a good grip on any of them.  Earlier, I told John that I didn’t want to watch T.V. because my attention span was not long enough. Yes, you read correctly. My attention span not good enough for watching television. Since I haven’t been able to focus well enough to read a book for three weeks now, I guess that leaves Internet surfing and going to bed earlier. Actually, the going to bed part would probably help.

It’s going to be another marathon week and then things will settle down a bit.