I finally finished the last bit of my report writing that is due tomorrow. This week is also jam-packed but not quite as much as last week. For the last couple of months, I have been trying to reduce to about 16 billable hours a week. (20 is considered full time because the rest of the time is spent on phone calls, paperwork, billing, accounting, scoring questionnaires and test protocols, etc.) To make room for my surgery, I moved some patients to last week and this week. Consequently, last week, I had 32 billable hours, two reports to write (12 pages, single spaced) a half day long doctor’s appointment, a funeral, and a family party. Gee and I’ve been feeling ever so slightly embarrassed about the quality of the writing in my last several posts.

This week, I have 30 hours billed but only one report to write. And I have some appointments but one is for a massage and the other is to get my hair done.  It will be easier, I think to get everything done. Then my weeks are really light, next week 7 hours, the following 12 hours, and then no more than 7 hours/week until late August. If I end up being able to do more, I will but if I can’t, I won’t. I was also planning to go on vacation during two weeks of August. If I am able to leave town, we’ll still go. If I need to stick around for daily radiation treatments, I’m still planning to take the time off.

Aaah, I feel better all ready.