I forgot to post about Zoey’s fabulosity at my Aunt Gloria’s wake last Saturday. It took place at my cousin, Catherine’s house in Seattle. There are a lot of musicians in the family so Catherine set up a stage area in her back yard and hired our cousin Adam Hunter and his great band, Trip the Light (jazz, Latin, rock combination http://www.tripthelightmusic.com/) to play. Family members were also invited to sing with the band. Zoey, who has a nice untrained singing voice, loves to perform so she asked if she could sing. She explained to the audience that she wanted to sing Amazing Grace because it is traditional for funerals and that she wanted to sing to honor Aunt Gloria, who was a singer. It was really sweet. The second song was one she sings all of the time, That was then-This is, too, which is a parody of 60’s lounge singing from the animated show, Futurama. Zoey sang it as a duet, alternating between her best Robert Goulet voice (which is pretty good) with a higher woman’s voice (let’s say, Edie Gorme with apologies to Steve Lawrence). She has really good stage presence and style.

To get an idea, here are the lyrics

You and I will be reborn
In a future place and time
If everything our Hindu brethren say is true
In an age of things that hover
You and I will still be lovers
And we’ll say to ourselves
“That was then
This is too”

Cause we’ll still find
The happenin’ hot spots
We’ll still cruise
The cool casinos
You’ll still fly me to the moon
Although the moon to which you’ll fly me
Could be Phobos or Deimos
The psychic worms from Rigel 9
Who control everything we do
Will make us think that was then
And three thousand and ten
Is exactly the same as nineteen sixty two
Don’t expect any changes my friend
That was then
And this is too–!
(Lyrics by Seth McFarland)