I’m getting my ducks in a row. I have my special soap to use tonight to get myself super extra clean and MRSA free as requested by the hospital. I do a repeat shower tomorrow morning. I have clothes picked out for tomorrow following the tips given to me on the phone by the pre-admission nurse at Swedish. The main issues are to bring a few options in the bra department as well as a button down shirt, since putting on a t-shirt could be painful.

The nurse also reminded me that although surgery itself is not that long, there’s going to be a lot of waiting around. So, John downloaded a bunch of podcasts for me on my phone (thanks for the recommendations, Facebook Friends!) as well as an app on which I can play podcasts. Also, thanks to my Facebook Friends, I downloaded some light reading recommendations on my Kindle. I have even been able to start reading a book again. I’m perhaps not up to War and Peace but Alexander McColl Smith is reading nicely.

Care for Zoey is set up even after my messing up her class schedule. I thought I had signed her up for a glass blowing class this week but had accidentally signed her up for a session in late August. Unfortunately, I did not realize the error until I brought her to the class yesterday. So instead of having a class, she will be spending tonight at my parents and they will bring her back to Seattle for her All City Band practice tomorrow evening.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day. I need to check in at 5:30 am and remember they want me to be all clean and showered, too. It will be an even longer day for John since he has to stay awake the whole time. We will contact my parents for sure tomorrow and I will ask John to post to my blog. I think my typing hand will be out of commission tomorrow night.

I just proof read the title for my post today. It had read, “Quakers in a row.” Hah! That would have been confusing. They are peaceful folks, though so a row of Quakers would be helpful.