Okay, I got bored resting within two hours of getting home. The biggest thrill was my first trip to the bathroom, which yielded blue pee. This would have been more exciting if I had not been warned of this ahead of time. (The reason? There was blue dye in the radioactive isotope for the sentinel node biopsy). Also, it might have been a little more exciting if it were a different color. Given the popularity of blue as a color for toilet cleaners, blue toilet water is actually kind of mundane. Plus, my pee color changed back to normal really quickly. Bored again.

This does not mean that I am not resting. I am still resting, just restlessly doing so. It’s not as if my couch cushions are unfamiliar with my butt, either. I can very easily waste time on the couch surfing, reading my Kindle, etc when I have a pile of laundry waiting for me to fold. Wasting time on the couch is so much more fun when it is every so slightly naughty than when it is mandatory.

I will be good. I will rest. I will be bored. Bored is way better than many alternatives. It’s like I told the anesthesiologist when he kept apologizing about having a hard time getting my veins to present themselves so that he could run an I.V. (It wasn’t his fault. My veins are tricky. Plus, he didn’t have to make more than one attempt with the needle, which has happened multiple times with other folks.) I just told him, “You all are trying to save my life. In the larger scheme of things, this is no big deal at all.”

I will be bored. Boredom I can live with.