My cousin, Beth and I were venting about our crappy summers this morning. We are both tired of our respective difficult and unexpected life circumstances and were trying to cheer each other up in our classic, rapid back and forth flurry of emails. (Sometimes, we employ the variation of rapid texting.) So after a couple of game tries at traditional emotional support I wrote:

Hey, remember that episode of Speed Racer when Speed and Racer X both get injured with one of them breaking a leg and the other being blind and they were able to work together to get to safety? We can limp along together, hand in hand, into safety ourselves! Wanna be Racer X or Speed?

Beth picked Racer X because she said that she is “meaner” and although I suspect she is nominating herself as Queen of Mean out of her usual generosity of spirit, I did let her choose. Also, I don’t remember Racer X being mean but come to think of it, I don’t remember his personality at all. So Speed I shall be from this day forward.