Okay, the aforementioned “Big Day” of Tuesday was even bigger than I thought. I rested all of Wednesday and felt more energized this morning. So I got back to the business of doing laundry, to which I had not paid attention since Monday. Now I’m pooped again. To make things worse, I overestimated my energy level when I stripped the sheets off of the bed and washed them. Although I am still sleeping on the couch, due to John’s cold, I wanted to give him some clean sheets, especially since he installed a portable A/C for me this morning! Yay! But now I must chaperone the sheets through the washer and dryer, in a timely manner so that I am not making the bed at midnight tonight. And to answer your question, I don’t exactly know why we don’t have more than one set of queen sheets. It’s a mystery. Okay, we do but they are for the guest bed and I am silly. I prefer the sheets that are in the wash right now.

I’m just going to sit here a little while longer than take a peek at the laundry.