Last Thursday, I had lunch Lynette Williams Carter. She and I went to school and Sunday school together. Although we didn’t really hang out in high school, we had a mutual friend, Teresa Sever (now Mjelde), and were friendly with each other. So when I saw her on Facebook a few months ago, I asked her to be a FB friend and she accepted. I had been keeping my cancer treatment off of Facebook but last month when I posted something along the lines of “Yay, I got some great news about my health” a couple of friends commented about my cancer. This resulted in my receiving several emails from Facebook friends offering prayers, well wishes, and help. Lynette was one of those people.

Lynette lives a ways north of me but was visiting downtown Seattle last Thursday for a BIG JOB INTERVIEW. She wrote and asked if I was up for a visit. I was glad to hear from her. We’d exchanged a few emails and she’d been a frequent commenter on this blog. It turns out we have a fair bit in common and she had been posted some really kind, thoughtful, and witty comments on my blog. So I’d been meaning to contact her to thank her for her support.

We had a great lunch at Pike Place Market and enjoyed a walk to Pacific Place, where we were both parked. Later that day, Lynette emailed me and said that as she turned into her driveway on the ride home, her phone rang. She was offered the BIG JOB! She must have been all kinds of impressive during the interview.

I hope that Lynette and I keep in touch. I am thankful for the blessings that I have received over my life, especially lately.