Their are a number of statistics displayed on my WordPress administrator page. You know the usual things like number of hits each day. One bit of information that gets posted is “top searches”. I presume these are search terms that people type into Google or other search engines that lead them to my blog. John says that’s what it is, too though sometimes given the search terms displayed, it’s hard to believe.

Today’s top search terms? “Jon Hamm’s wardrobe malfunction.” That’s not so unbelievable because really, who doesn’t want to see that? But how did these search terms connect with my blog, you ask?
I laughed when I realized how this happened. The “wardrobe malfunction” part was easy. One of my posts is titled, “Wardrobe, from malfunction to function” or something along those lines. (Yes, I am too lazy to look it up, even as I am writing in the very same blog.) In this post I complain about having to wear pants to deal with my surgical drain and how I prefer to wear dresses. This statement prompted a comment from my cousin, Beth about how she doesn’t wear dresses because she usually doesn’t wear underwear. The following conversation ensued:

E: Hee! Who knew that you and John Hamm have something very special in common? You both go commando!

B: I knew John Hamm & I were meant for each other. Have you seen the “Hamm & Buble’ ” skit on SNL? It is brilliant if you’re looking for a good laugh.

M (Martha, my mom has entered the conversation. The “Joe” to which she refers is my dad.): To make things more interesting, Joe and I take turns wearing pants and dresses! (Mom, you are the Betty White of moms.)

E: Very funny, Mom! And yes and I think Jon Hamm was meant for all of us! Have you ever seen that picture of him in high school as the star quarterback? He looked amazing even then.

B: oh jeez, no teenager should look that good. He should have had to suffer at least a few pimples or awkward moments.

I love my family’s combination of affection and humor! And Jon Hamm, if you ever want to make a comment on my blog, that’s okay by me.