When my brain is in frenzy or fatigue mode, I frequently find myself knowing related facts but missing the little part of my brain that is capable of interpreting it all and making conclusions. Here’s how it worked yesterday.

1) I am in pain.

2) I have Percocet for pain and Valium for muscle spasms.

3) I don’t have muscle spasms.

4) I’m taking Percocet.

4) The Percocet is making me really anxious.

5) Valium is used to treat anxiety as well as muscle spasms.

Therefore, hmm, I wonder if anyone’s commented on my last blog post?

I actually don’t need the Percocet today because I’m feeling a lot better. But now I know that I have another resource in case I needed later. Also, now that I know that Percocet makes me anxious, I can use other non drug strategies to help for the TRAM surgery.

Aah. I’m going to stop worrying so much and do some good couch sitting today interspersed with laundry, cooking, and going for a walk. But for now the couch calls.