My hubby’s been getting the short end of the stick lately when it comes to my blog. While it is true that he sometimes lacks consistency in carrying out the hum drum, monotonous, but important daily tasks, he is the king of the big project. For my first birthday we celebrated after we started dating, he made me a full sized quilt. Did he know how to sew? No, but he figured it out. He appliqued the sun on the top and the moon on the bottom. In the middle, he wrote “I love you” in appliqued letters. It was and is pretty awesome. My mom still brings up the fact that he made that quilt from time to time, sometimes as a random celebration of John and other times as a much needed reminder to me that my husband is awesome and loving. See, now I’m starting to regret telling you blog readers out there about this. I will never be able to complain about him again!

John was not perhaps as hands on following my surgeries last week as I would have liked. We were both surprised at how painful they were. I think John expected me to be She-RA again. But I was an anxious, weepy woman for a couple of days. Although John was off work from Wednesday to Friday of last week, he was pretty busy on Thursday and Friday, working on a big project. I’ve already mentioned that he is building a deck. Part of his frenzy in getting it done is that he wants it to be a gift for me, a peaceful respite next year away from cancer. So John is pretty awesome and the deck is going to be cool.

Now for something fun. Here’s a photo from an earlier stage of the deck construction. Your job is to provide a caption for this picture!

What is this man doing?