As you know, I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for myself for the last few weeks. Yesterday, I was quite overwhelmed with the combination of work, family, and self-care responsibilities. The next two weeks are jam-packed perhaps even more so.

It’s time for me to put my blessings in the foreground:
-I have wonderful friends and family, whom I love greatly.
-I have a great chance at a long and healthy life.
-I have good health insurance.
-Today is my dad’s 80th birthday! Both of his parents died in their 50’s, making this a particularly big deal.
-I am making new self-care habits that make me feel better now, emotionally and physically, and will also help protect me from future illness.
-I love my job.
-My daughter is happy at high school.
-Despite all of the changes and stress in my life including instant menopause, I have lost 27 pounds since May 5th! In 3 pounds, I will officially enter the “healthy weight” category using the BMI.
-I have this blog as an outlet. It helps me now and I imagine it will help me in the future, as I look back at this period of my life.
-I have wonderful healthcare providers. Plus most of them are really nice, as well as technically skilled.
-I live and work in a great community.
-I am a strong and reliant person.
-God is love and love is great. God is great!

I know there are more but I am starting to feel better.