I went in to see Dr. Welk this morning so he could take a look at my skin graft. I was instructed to keep the dressing over the graft all of this time so this was an “unveiling” for me, as well. He took off the dressing and said, “Looks good.” I was relieved since I thought the color and texture did not look so good. But that’s the way it’s been all along. When I think it looks bad, the experts think it looks good and when I think I know what kind of bad-looking tissue is actually well-healing tissue, I am told, “I’ve never seen this before.”

After Dr. Welk cleaned up the area a little, I could see that it was healing. I also saw that the shape of the graft was more of a pointed ellipse than a 1 cm by 2 cm rectangle, as I had thought previously. What I was seeing before was the color and outline of a sponge that was put directly over the graft. Seeing the shape of the graft I joked to Dr. Welk, “Hey, cool  that looks like a little eye ball. I could get an eye ball tattoo there.” As soon as I saw his face I said, “Kidding, kidding, kidding. Tattoos are not really my style. But I guess that is not a great joke to make in Seattle.” (For those of you in other parts of the world, tattoos and body piercings are quite the rage in these parts.)

Speaking of tattoos, I recently learned that a new business, a tattoo place, is moving into the space above the offices that I share with two other psychologists. We’ve been in our ground floor space for many years and there’s been a good deal of turnover upstairs. The last business was a day spa and before that, it was a chiropractor’s office. So, it has a lot of little rooms in it. Now the rooms will be filled with people getting inked. The teens that see us in the psychology offices will be thrilled. I am hoping they don’t blast loud music or anything. I am also hoping that there aren’t a bunch of people with scary piercings. I see preschoolers, after all. I think it will probably be just fine. My biggest fear is that a coffee shop or restaurant would move in upstairs. We would hear footsteps, the sound of the steam wand, and talking, all day long. Not to mention the impact on the parking situation. Our building is a cute house built in 1917 so it would have appeal for these kinds of businesses. Fortunately, when the chiropractor moved in, she totally remodeled the place, removing the kitchen, not to mention putting little exam/treatment rooms everywhere.

And if I ever do want to get that eye ball shaped tattoo…