After a good spell of gray and wet weather, we had three beautiful, clear and cold days. While I was on my morning walks, I took some pictures of my neighborhood with my phone.

This is a partial view of my block. The hug fir tree in the upper right corner of the picture marks the back of my back yard. My house is the green house with wine colored trim.


This is my house and front yard. The front yard is actually a rock garden in the foreground, sloping up to the front yard. As you can see, I have not gotten to my fall clean up tasks. I’m going to try to get to it in the next couple of weeks. Otherwise, fall clean up turns into spring clean up and I will probably not be able to garden in the spring due to my March surgery.



This is a super fancy house for our neighborhood. I covet their decks and the mountain and water views they must get up there. I did notice, that they have almost no yard. So this makes me happy with my 1950’s Donna Reed house with more room for gardening.


These apples looked so pretty in person. I was tempted to pick one of them.


Unlike “super fancy” house, this house is more typical of the architecture in our neighborhood. This house does get a neat and tidy award, though.


My phone camera is really limited in taking pictures of distant objects. This is a view from my walk of the Puget Sound, a couple of islands, and the Olympic Mountain range. I could see that the mountains had fresh snow.


This is a close up of one of the neighbor’s heavily fruit laden dogwood trees. The fruits are edible but bland. I imagine the birds are less picky about them, though.