Half way between Vashon and Fauntleroy marks the beginning of my journey.

Half way between Vashon and Fauntleroy marks the beginning of my journey.

I’ve started using a new program on my smartphone to keep track of how long I walk (time and distance) each morning. Today, after about 25 minutes of walking, I looked at my phone and it said that I’d walked 3.5 miles. Hmm, I usually walk about three miles an hour and since I had not noticed that I was running really fast or roller skating down hill, I took a look at how the program, which uses GPS locating, had mapped out my route.

To my surprise, my starting point was recorded as being at the midpoint of the Vashon Island/Fauntleroy ferry route, in the middle of the Puget Sound. In fact, it looks like I jumped ship, swam north for a bit then swam east to shore at Lincoln Park. At this point I must have flown, because the route runs straight through the park and the park only has a bunch of winding trails. Or maybe I just crawled straight up the steep hill along the beach, making my way through brush, trees, and poison oak. That couldn’t be because my clothes weren’t the least bit muddy when I came home and that would have been a very slow way to travel. I must have flown and done so very fast. Actually, I couldn’t have swum that fast, either, even if I were Diana Nyad, rather than the poor swimmer that I am. So I must have flown from the ferry and over Lincoln Park.

After flying over the park, the route shows that I actually zig zagged through streets, on which I actually remembered walking.

I am very happy with the apparent improvement in my physical fitness but a little worried about my memory. On the bright side, I got something good out of breast cancer. Breast Cancer, you gave me the gift of flight!

Or maybe it was just solar flares or something, throwing off my GPS navigation.

Science and logic, you take the fun out of everything!

(Cancer, you’re back on my shit list.)