As a kid growing up in the Seattle area, I often wished very hard for a white Christmas only to end up with a soggy one. This Christmas morning was no different. It has been raining steadily for hours. What was different this year was that I put on my rain gear and went out for a three mile walk, which is my new daily habit.

Yes, the rain was falling and heavily at times, but I was warm and mostly dry, as I like to remind myself on rainy walks. And although I took care to avoid walking through the deep puddles, I did admire the patterns the rain drops made as they landed on the water’s surface. I even got to see some squirrels chasing each other while splashing through them.

And the human animals were active, as well. I could see children opening their presents in their brightly decorated living rooms. Some others were watching Curious George wearing a Santa hat, on television.

I ended my walk in a very merry mood, indeed.

Merry Christmas! And if you don’t celebrate today’s holiday, I wish you a very terrific Tuesday!