Hi 2013,

First, I must admit that I’ve had other relationships. This is not my first visit to the rodeo that travels around the sun. You are my 48th. Most of the relationships were good and I learned a great deal. 2011 and 2012, however, kind of stunk. In 2012, for example, I discovered that I had breast cancer. Although I have mostly healed from the six surgeries I had in that year, I am not eager to have any more big bad stressful stuff happen other than what’s already planned, like my next surgery in March. So please do me a favor and be a little on the boring side. I’ve kind of had it with the “bad boy” years. Boring and stable sounds good to me

For my part, I promise to continue to eat healthy, meditate daily, exercise, and participate in my healthcare by attending all of my appointments and following recommendations.

I am happy to show my appreciation by providing you with an endless supply of gluten-free baked goods!