The Tupperware hard plastic tissue expander is gone and so are the drains. My breast is nearly 100% human made from human materials. And the materials came from me. I am full of myself. I like it.

But in the spirit of “It’s more blessed to give than to receive,” let’s chat a bit about the donor site, which was my abdomen. I’m still swollen but literally shrinking by the day. A few days after surgery, my waistline was six inches larger than before surgery, even though a whole lotta tissue had been removed. The next day, I’d lost two inches. (Settle down, peeps, I’ve been keeping measurements to monitor any fluid build-up, which I didn’t notice after my expander surgery because I was too busy admiring the fact that I had cleavage again!) Today, I’m about two inches bigger than usual. This number will continue to drop, but it has been very clear since day 1 after surgery that my stomach is much flatter than it used to be.

Obviously, I expected this, in fact I relished the thought of having a flat abdomen. Even before becoming a mom, I’ve always had a little more than average size stomach, no matter whether I was at a healthy weight or not. I’ve had a few of those awkward, “Oh you’re pregnant, congratulations!” conversations. Ten years ago, I’d even lost 20 pounds and was greeted by my then hairstylist, “When is your baby due?” My response? “Four years ago.”

So you’d think I would be thrilled with development but I admit it looks a little foreign.

Some how, I will get over it!