I was delighted to again be nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. This nomination introduced me to a new blogger as well and that is Sheila of The Summer Goddess Book of Shadows. Thanks for the lovely nomination, Sheila! Sheila’s blog is devoted to Wicca, which is a religion that dates back to pre-Christian Europe. Wicca emphasizes love of nature. There is also magic but it is benevolent. I have learned a little about Wicca in the past through my psychology practice because it has captured the interest of a few teen girls I have treated. One of the families was rather alarmed as they associated Wicca with Satanism so I needed to provide them with some explanation as reassurance. (“No, no, no, they don’t worship Satan AT ALL.”)

As you may know, I am not someone who follows the blogger award rules closely especially when it comes to nominating others for the award. I hate to leave some of my WordPress people out so I choose to leave everybody out! Today, I’ve chosen to call your attention to a funny blog because I know that I’ve really needed a laugh during the last few days. So I present, Damn you, Autocorrect!