As any gardener or first grader knows, green beans are easy to grow. Further, they are delicious and much better than the beans purchased in the grocery store. Consequently, I grow green beans and tomatoes every year because both of them are so much better when they are home grown.

Last year, during the summer of surgeries, I harvested a total of zero green beans. Not a single one. You might think that I just didn’t harvest any and let them rot on the vine.

But you would be wrong. There were no vines! I planted beans last year but not a single one sprouted!

I’m not sure what happened. It was a wet spring and early summer so the fact that I forgot to water should not have mattered. I did, however, neglect to pull out the strawberry plants that were encroaching on the spots where the green bean vines were supposed to grow.

This year, I made space. And this week, lo’ and behold!

Look, look, look! I'm going to have beans this summer!

Look, look, look! I’m going to have beans this summer!