My state of Washington uses an absentee ballot system. There are no more poll booths. All votes are cast, signed, mailed, and then counted.

I have voted in every primary and general election except for one (a primary) since I was 18 years old. That is almost 30 years of doing my civic duty.

About a year ago, my vote wasn’t counted. I received a letter from the county informing me that the signature on my ballot did not match the signature on file. The asked me to sign another form and send it in. I subsequently learned that they were still not happy and they ended up NOT COUNTING MY VOTE!!!!!

I was able to vote in a subsequent election. However, while I was recuperating from my most recent surgery, I received a letter from the county recommended that I send ANOTHER official signature to avoid future votes from being dismissed.

Sounds easy, write? I just put my John Handcock on a form and order will be restored.

Unfortunately, this may not be the case. After YEARS of fast note taking as a psychologist, I wore out my hand. My signature is different EVERY time I write it. I had previously attached evidence of this in the form of a scanned photo, but one of my lovely “watchin’ my back” blog buddies reminded me that it is not prudent to post one’s John Hancock in public. So, you will have to take my word for it.

But I will provide an alternative writing sample. This is a page of notes that I took during a parent interview earlier in the week. (No clutching of pearls, it is very generic and nothing identifying is here.)

Okay, my signature is in cursive and about 500 times less legible than this.

Okay, my signature is in cursive and about 500 times less legible than this.


I see so many patients with handwriting and written expression difficulties. They can be extremely frustrating; this is the reason that there is a writing curriculum called, “Handwriting Without Tears.” Sometimes, I turn my clipboard around and show them my chicken scratch and say, “See, some day you can become a psychologist!” So, that is one silver lining to the writing that is produced by my worn out right hand.

So what to do about voting? I think what I will do is photocopy the signature on the form they sent so that I can forge my VERY OWN signature!