As I mentioned earlier, I have been sleeping better since I semi-unplugged from Facebook. Now that I am not so frequently stimulating my brain, keeping it awake, I realize how tired I was. I’ve slept A LOT this week. I often feel kind of lazy when I sleep in and typically, my schedule does not allow for this option, anyway. Mid to late September are usually slow for child/adolescent psychology practices, though because families are focused on getting kids back to school and it’s too early in the year for teachers to refer most kids to me for evaluations. (Occasionally, there is a little kid who can’t keep from running around the classroom and into the halls, and all around the school. I hear from those families during the first week of preschool or kindergarten.) So I’ve been sleeping in. I don’t know if I’ll ever work off the 1+ year of accumulated sleep debt but I definitely feel less in the hole today.

Maybe I will actually be able to stay up past 9:00 pm tonight!

It’s all about attainable goals, people.