My 30th high school reunion is this summer. One of my classmates, Brad, wanted to do a charity event as part of the weekend. Something that would raise money for Cancer Lifeline, an organization that provides counseling services, classes, and support groups for people with cancer and their families. My friend, Nancy, a psychologist and breast cancer survivor worked there for four years. It is a terrific organization. The original idea for a fundraiser is not panning out.

I know that some of you do work in charity fundraising, PR, and the like. What are some ideas you have for a fun event with a social component that would raise about $10,000?

I am so excited to be involved in this effort. Brad is a wonderful guy who is also married to one of my very best childhood friends. He is really motivated to raise money for a worthy charity that does not necessarily have the highest profile. This amount of money could go a long way for Cancer Lifeline.