As I continue to heal from the stress, the meds, the surgeries, and all the rest, I am taking on more and more of my responsibilities. My life is getting to be less about me and more about work, marriage, and parenting. Not to worry, friends I am still working hard to take care of myself because I know that moms in particular can be kind of bad at that.

The public part of my blog, however, is going to be more about me. Last weekend, a member of my family was verbally attacked in the comments section of an old post, a post that I HAD WRITTEN. My writing has never been about hurting anybody, least of which about exposing my family to abuse.

Consequently, some of my posts will be password protected. I have contacted a number of you privately, through other social media or email with password information. But I don’t know how to contact all of you who have been regular and respectful readers, leaving thoughtful comments over the years. I hope you will understand.