Yes, I know I’m posting a lot recently. And I’m still not caught up with my posts for New Orleans!

As you know, I would like my house to be much cleaner and better organized. I have been focusing on the fact that I live with very messy people. Although this is true, I also realize that I am railing against the consequences of my reduced stamina and the fact that I have to sleep a lot. I just don’t have the number of work hours available in a day that I used to have. So, I’ve been doing less cleaning and organizing myself. And my husband has had to pick up a great deal of the parenting load.

Today, I had a thought. “My house is artsy, colorful, and a little dirty.”

For some reason, that does not sound so bad. The “little dirty” is perhaps a minimization but I could argue that it’s only “a little dirty” because outside of my daughter’s room, a snow shovel is not a required cleaning tool.

An “artsy, colorful, and a little bit dirty” house actually sounds like fun. A good house for a get together where you don’t have to remember to raise your pinky when you sip your tea.

I am going to try out this little re-frame and see how it goes.