May was not a good month for me. It was a roller coaster ride of anxiety and trying to keep myself centered. I often didn’t feel like myself and there was a spell during which I was tearing up on a daily basis.

Yesterday I looked at my calendar and saw that it was the end of the month. I thought, “May, don’t let the door hit your butt on the way out.”

The weekend was actually pretty good. Hubby and I took two long walks during which we made a lot of progress on our family game plan. I always feel so much better connected and less isolated when problem solve together. I like us very much as a team.

This morning I woke up and felt so much more relaxed. I was actually eager to take on my work week even though I had to work over the weekend to catch up on report writing.

I was reapplying my lipstick this morning using my cell phone camera in “selfie” mode as a mirror. I thought, “Hey, I look well rested, happy, and relaxed.” So I snapped a photo.

Today is a new day in a new month. Summer starts in three weeks. We are getting little birds coming to our new deck fountain. Yesterday, a hummingbird took a bath in it. I am looking forward to more close encounters!