I haven’t written in awhile. My life has changed. I work, spend time with my family, and worry about our presidential election. Oh yes, there is my non-stop reading about politics. Then I meditate to deal with the anxiety about this election.

Did I mention that I am worried about our presidential election?

Oh yes, I also have my first colonoscopy tomorrow. As I type, I am savoring my last solid food for the next day, homemade yogurt with homemade apple preserves. It is reassuring to know that even at times that I feel that much is out of my control, I can use my own two hands to make delectable food.

I have not been worried about the results of the colonoscopy but now I realize that I will be waiting for the results of this test along with the election. This was, perhaps, poor planning on my part.

One more week of this never ending, unpredictable, terrifying, and bizarre election cycle.