Scorchy was her pen name. I was one of the many that knew her real name, which I will not share here because I don’t know why she adopted a pen name in the first place. What I do know is that Scorchy was brilliant. Scorchy had a HEART OF GOLD. Scorchy was hilarious. Scorchy was well-connected. Scorchy knew important peeps. She helped those prominent folks when they decided to donate to Columbia University’s library system, whesend re she formerly worked, under a different name, as an archivist. Scorchy not only had the wit to compare an MRI machine assessment as being whisked inside of a whirring, buzzing toilet paper tube, but Scorchy actually helped archive the work of the inventor of the MRI machine.

Who else would I send the following gifts: 1) a French butter crock that I’d made to add to her pottery collection and 2) a cover for her cell phone with a line drawing of a cat, flipping her off. Only Scorchy could combine a sometimes shocking irreverence with that HEART OF GOLD.

She was a one and only. Scorchy’s feminist writings can be found in FEMINIST HANDBOOKS!

Scorchy had not one but two brilliant blogs. In addition to the Sarcastic Boob, she had earlier gained feminist fame in her critique of John Gray’s pop “psychology” book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Visit the blog here. Laugh aloud at the brilliant title and equally brilliant feminist commentary.

Scorchy, I loved you and I’ll keep on loving your smart ass, people lovin’ spirit that will live forever.  How will we detect all of the bullshit without you, friend?