I told Zoey about my cancer today. At first, she thought she was in trouble even though I said, “I need to talk to you about something important and you are not in trouble.” She sat wide eyed as I told her the following, “You know how I told you that I was having some medical tests? Well, the bad news is that I am very sick. The good news is that it was discovered early and there is a very, very high chance that I will be okay and live a long and happy life.” I described more, that I have cancer, a very small tumor in my breast, and that I will have surgery on June 26th likely followed by 6 weeks of radiation treatments. I never know what to expect of Zoey in reacting to different things. Her response? “Can I meet the surgeon?” I think that’s pretty darned sweet. I told her that we could probably arrange for that at my next meeting with him in a couple of weeks.


P.S. I may be asking one of you all to give her a ride back to school after she has a chance to meet Dr. Beatty. It’s my pre-op appointment and John will probably want to stay for the whole thing.