After a few adrenaline fueled days and nights short on sleep (not ruminating with worry but keyed up), I am feeling quite fuzzy in the brain area. My father-in-law, Don is visiting. He went on what was to be a short shopping trip, which turned out to take an hour. I forgot my shopping list and then kept remembering things that I needed from rows back. He was patient and didn’t seem to mind meandering around the store. Actually, knowing him, he probably enjoyed it.

I have two fairly complicated psych reports to finish this weekend, though. I have designated writing days, Thursday and Friday but between being told I had cancer on Thursday morning and spending nearly all day at the hospital on Friday, I didn’t get much done. I’ve done all of the easy stuff, scoring and entering the scores into my report template. But now I still need to write the parts that do not fit a template because they are the narrative bits of the report as well as the recommendations. Oh yeah, I have to figure out the diagnoses, too. One of the kids is puzzling me because the data are not corroborating across reporters and I can’t think of a variable or set of variables to explain the discrepancies. Phew, explaining what I have to do actually kind of maxed out my brain power. And it was kind of a boring description, to boot.

It’s a three day weekend. I’m going to sleep on it and see if I have adequate coherence to work on it another couple of hours tomorrow.

And yes, I could have cancelled the parent feedbacks I have scheduled for next Tues, which are making it so I need to finish these reports by then. I don’t see the advantage, though. I think I’m going to need this time even more later.

Okay, this is not my best writing but then again, take another look at the title.