As you know, in preparation for tomorrow’s PEM scan, I’ve had to follow a SUPER low sugar diet today. Bleh! On the upside, I had almost no processed food.

Here’s what I had today:

2 eggs scrambled with Swiss cheese
black coffee

Lunch (I could have had one of the approved green vegetables but I was too lazy to cook)
Small handful of almonds
A few slices of cheese

Salmon filet poached in plain water (wine, lemon slices, onion, etc. were not allowed), with a few chopped almonds on top. I love salmon but I overcooked it a little plus I usually season it with spices, onions, etc.
Steamed green beans (actually the beans were really good)

(Meanwhile, John ordered Indian food for himself and I smelled all of these delicious spice from his food.)

P.S. As a funny side note, I noticed that peanut butter was on the list of okay food but I don’t know how any body would combine it with any of the other foods unless you were to melt it over tofu or something. Maybe people just eat it by the spoonful out of the jar and imagine that it is on a sweet crunchy apple.