Confession: I did not make up the expression, “getting panini’d” as a reference to getting a mammogram. I think it’s a popular joke in the mammography world, but it bears repeating.

I had my PEM scan this morning. It took 3 1/2 hours. During the first hour, I had to wait for an hour, sitting relatively still after a combo sugar/radioactive I.V. was placed. Then there were two hours of pictures taken, while I sat in a chair. How luxurious, you women who have participated in more standard mammography might think. No, I was sitting in a chair but there were still those lovely plastic boob-squishing plates on the machine. And each picture takes 7 minutes to take. (At least I didn’t have to hold my breath for each picture like in standard mammography.)

I am keeping my fingers crossed. Dr. Beatty will call me after 5pm tomorrow to tell me the results  and whether my second lumpectomy will go as planned for Weds. I am wishing for the best but if a mastectomy is recommended, I hope at the very least, that recommendation is based on what is actually seen using the PEM scan instead of based on a lack of information given by the other scanning technologies.