I am scurrying to get things done before surgery next Weds. Unlike the last surgeries, I am taking at least 4 weeks off for this one. This is a major surgery, not to mention the fact that I will be getting another surgery a couple of weeks or so afterwards. So I am preparing for a big change.

Since I had already reserved two weeks in August for vacation, I didn’t have to reschedule that many people. My friend, Jennie has also already started covering for me, while I am wrapping up my last patient meetings and last three reports. Three reports is a lot for a week. I usually just write two a week. I have a back up plan in case I can’t get one of them finished in time. It’s always good to have a plan B.

Poor John is going to have to do everything for a bit. I’ve been trying to do all the chores I can that involve lifting since I will not be able to use my right arm much for awhile. I have also been prepping food for the freezer. Today I made a lamb stew in the crock pot. I also made a meat loaf, which I split into two small aluminum loaf pans. I know that meat loaf is not exciting but it freezes well and can be tasty. This recipe looked particularly good and included chopped bacon, carrots, onions, spices, etc. It also included ground prunes. I didn’t have any but this intrigued me. I’ll have to try it again some time. Finally, I’ve frozen three nights worth of wild sockeye fillets. My mom has made a couple of freezer dinners for us.

Finally, I got my toenails painted and bought a root touch up coloring kit. I’m having to cancel my next hair appointment and I know it sounds silly, but I have a feeling that not having a white skunk stripe at the part of my hair might may an ever so slight but noticeable positive effect on me.