My mother’s cousin Rick’s wife, Brenda is also a breast cancer survivor. She is one of the many people taking part in the Susan G. Komen Three-Day walk this weekend. She will walk a total of 60 miles in three days! I could write a whole post about walking 60 miles in three days. Good Heavens, that’s a long way! I would like to do next year’s Three-Day Spa walk. Hmm, I anticipate a problem. I don’t think anyone would sponsor me. Going to a spa a day for three days is not quite as impressive as walking 20 miles a day, camping out two nights in pink tents. I bet it’s a life changing positive experience, though. And just think of all of the mental and physical benefits from the training, before hand.

Back to my main story. I made a contribution online for Brenda’s three day walk. To answer one of the questions on the form, I had to choose from one of a number of check boxes labeled, “I am a cancer survivor”, “I am a friend/loved one of a cancer survivor”, and “I am not affected by cancer.” I checked “I am a cancer survivor” because although I am still in treatment, I am also still breathing, last I checked.