It’s raining cats and dogs these days, which is not unusual for this time of year. What is unusual is that I’ve received some unexpected money.

You know the feeling you have after putting on a pair of pants or a jacket that you haven’t worn in awhile and finding a $20 bill in your pocket?

I’ve had that feeling twice this week. First, I received a check for $110 from my professional liability insurance company as a “legacy award” for having a policy with them for over five years. The check will be split between my two office mates and myself as we share a joint policy. I’ve never heard of a “legacy award” of this kind but now is not the time to ask questions; it is time to go to the bank!

A second check arrived for $375! It was a refund from Myriad Labs for overpayment for my genetics testing back in June. I bet John and I both sent a check to them or something.

Compared to the price of my cancer treatment, $411.67 doesn’t seem like a lot. However, it’s over two-thirds of the income I made in the entire month of September when the money had almost totally dried up due to my four weeks off from work to recover from my mastectomy. Fortunately, my income for October was much better and November was even better than October.

I hope you enjoy similar weather in your neck of the woods!