Not surprisingly, breast cancer is not big sexy time.

When I learned that I had breast cancer and needed surgery, I expected the anti-sexy impact of stress and surgery. I did not, however, expect to have six surgeries and counting.

When I started taking hormone blocking medications, I expected to go into early menopause and to perhaps have hot flashes, not to mention the impact of having almost no female hormones on a woman’s sex drive. I didn’t expect that for a few months, every time my husband did as much as put his hand on my shoulder that I would immediately have a hot flash.

Last October, my medical oncologist asked me what I using for birth control in the couple of months before the Lupron injections had done their work in rendering me infertile.

I told her. Her response? “Wow, most women laugh in my face when I ask them about birth control use during breast cancer treatment.”

So maybe I’m “big sexy time” for a breast cancer patient.