I got an excellent night’s sleep in the wonder chair. Also, my tray table rental has served another purpose. I kept it over my abdomen to dissuade my cat from jumping into my lap during the night and it thwarted his 2 am attempt!

I have less pain today and better mobility. I didn’t write about it, but the descriptions I read prior to TRAM surgery about post-surgical pain were kind of scary. More than one woman wrote about “waking up feeling like I’d been run over by a truck.” Marilyn, the nurse who works for Dr. Welk had told me the week before surgery that when walking, I’d feel “like I’d had double knee and hip replacement surgery.” As you may recall, Marilyn has had TRAM surgery herself in addition to caring for many women post-surgery. So, I was feeling a mix of enthusiasm and trepidation going into surgery.

I am taking it very easy, just getting up to use the bathroom and empty my surgical drains. I took a shower this morning and boy, did that feel good. I have very sensitive skin and I am prone to eczema. John was able to get all of the adhesive residue off of my back from all of the tape and electrodes that were stuck on me. Ah, what a relief!

My husband has been the most wonderful nurse. I think we will successfully avoid dishwasher-gate this time. Our planning for this surgery really helped. I am also so happy that I got into such better physical condition prior to this surgery. Having stronger leg muscles is really helping me compensate for my abdominal weakness when I have to get in and out of chairs. I have also learned that abdominal muscles are needed for lots of actions such as to clear my throat! Another reason that I am happy to have stayed away from people with colds!

I have a follow-up appointment with Dr. Welk tomorrow. I am hopeful that it will go well and he said that I may be able to get one of my surgical drains out!