I’ve written about my pain and surgery but not much about my stupid hot flashes. Bleh. Give it a rest, Hottie. Don’t you have better things to do than contribute to my discomfort? Oh yeah. I guess not. Discomfort-making is part of your mission statement. I did, however, remember that I was taking black cohosh for hot flashes and thought it might be working. Then I took myself off to see if I’d start having them again. Then it was almost time for surgery and I didn’t want to add a supplement to my regimen that might mess up my surgery.

On the plus side, I am now only taking Tylenol and feeling just fine. Not to worry. I will keep the hard stuff close at hand, just in case. I am also experimenting with sitting on the couch and so far, so good. Maybe I’ll even get to eat dinner at the table with my family tonight.

Oops, I just got a look at the time. I have a doctor’s appointment in 35 minutes! Gotta go!