Today’s Health Activist Writer’s Challenge inspired post is about men with breast cancer. Scorchy, of The Sarcastic Boob posted a link to her new FaceBook page to Oliver Bogle’s blog, Entering a World of Pink. Dr. Bogle was diagnosed with breast cancer last fall. Coincidentally, he is a cancer researcher at the very prestigious Anderson Cancer Center in Texas. His wife is also a cancer researcher there and is a 5 year-old breast cancer survivor.

Thanks to Scorchy for sharing the link to the blog. It is excellent not just because it deals with male breast cancer, which deserves a lot more attention than it gets. It is very well written and since Dr. Bogle has a Ph.D. and experience as a lab scientist, his explanations of topics such as how Taxol works at the molecular level will blow you away. I also suspect he has a teaching background because by the way he writes because his explanations are excellent. I feel like I took a short continuing education class.

There are also less technical topics that would be helpful to many breast cancer patients, especially for newly diagnosed patients. For example, the post on the multidisciplinary approach to cancer assessment and treatment is really good. I know when I had my first surgical consultation one day after my breast cancer diagnosis and my dear friend, Nancy, asked Dr. Beatty about whether I should set up appointments with a “medical oncologist” and a “radiation oncologist”, my first thought was, “I thought all of these doctors were medical oncologists.”

So check out Dr. Bogle’s blog. It’s really good. I read the entire blog this afternoon. And yes, easy for me to do because I am at home recovering from surgery. If you would like to have an overview of male breast cancer, you might listen to the 20 minute podcast made by Dr. Bogle and his medical oncologist, Sharon Giordano, M.D. Click here.