Before I go into today’s post, I have an announcement.

Elvis lives! My ‘Velvet Elvis’ water iris started blooming today.


Isn’t he pretty?

Okay, back to the main topic. By “Dirty Harriet”, I refer to myself. I have become a vigilante in search of justice, justice against the weeds that encroached upon my garden during the surgery years.

What weed could be so bad that it would inspire an organic gardener and peace loving person like myself to seek vengeance?

It’s what my neighbor calls, “the worst weed of all.” It is lawn grass.

I would much rather have flowers than lawn so most of my front yard is garden rather than grass. But there is a strip of grass on the west side of the house that remained and vexed me all through last summer when I couldn’t weed, continued in the fall, when I still couldn’t weed, and just laughed at me during the early spring right after my TRAM surgery.

But, like Arnold, “I’m baaack.” (Oops, wrong movie reference.) I can lift, I can dig, and after endless furniture shopping for my new office, I had tons of cardboard boxes.

Behold my handiwork! I put down cardboard over all of the remaining grass and put down a cedar mulch path. Tomorrow, I will lay down compost and mulch to build a planting area for shrubs. I won’t plant anything back there until next year, to give the card board a chance to work on the grass underneath.

Planting bed in progress.

Planting bed in progress.


"Follow the Cedar Bark Road, follow the Cedar Bark Road."

“Follow the Cedar Bark Road, follow the Cedar Bark Road.”

Velvet Elvis approves of the changes and said, “Thank you verra much.”