Today is my daughter, Zoey’s 18th birthday. She is a legal adult and she’s done a lot of growing over the years, especially during the very first ones and the most recent ones. My cousin, Portia, once described Zoey as a “singular sensation”. That is an apt description. Zoey is a brilliant, unique, and fiercely talented young woman.

It is difficult to see a child choose a path different from the one followed by my husband and me. We were also creative, smart, and passionate. But we were also careful and diligent in pursuing education and sensible careers. It worked out extremely well for us.

The difficulty for me is not one of wanting my daughter to be just like me or for me to live vicariously through her experience. For me it is difficult because she has taken a path that is unknown to me and what I know of it is that it can be fairly inconsistent.

Instead of worrying about her future, I am going to reflect on what I know about her today.

She is physically healthy.

She is mentally strong.

She has wonderful friends and family.

She is an amazing singer.

She has an amazing mind.

She is an independent thinker.

She has goals and a plan to obtain them.

She is kind and fair.

She is passionate about justice.

She is creative.

She is growing in common sense.

She is incredibly funny.

She loves her family.

She loves her friends.

She opens birthday presents in the hot tub.


Happy Birthday, Zoey!

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