I just learned that Doris Ann Price, stage 4 cancer patient, breast cancer advocate, mother, wife, dancer, and inspiration for the M.A.C. lipstick shade, “Lady Danger” died today. I met Doris Ann on social media, struck by her smiling face and ever present “cancer sucks” button, attached to a black beret. Doris Ann conveyed the horrible facts about breast cancer as well as her bright and ebullient spirit. Despite one of her tumors, which gradually left her unable to speak, Doris Ann’s voice, in her writing and actions, was clear.

I met Doris Ann in person a few years ago when I was visiting North Carolina for my graduate school reunion. At the time, she lived in Raleigh. We met at an arts and crafts gallery in Carrboro, NC and had lunch together. Doris Ann was a petite woman who moved like the dancer that she was. This was remarkable to me as she was quite ill even then and in her late 60’s. Her appearance was also one of an artist from her bright red lipstick, hip eye glasses, black and red clothing, and black beret. Doris Ann wore large artistic jewelry.

Sometimes Doris Ann could come across as almost unbelievably positive on social media. I can tell you that Doris Ann’s positive spirit is real as was her intelligence and realistic grasp of the gravity of her health. She also shared with me some personal pain in her life. Doris Ann was as real as can be.

Doris Ann enjoyed a beautiful relationship with her husband, Aaron. She had two loving children, Sharon and Roger. They have my heartfelt condolences.

Doris Ann led a full life with every breath. She worked hard to find effective treatment for her self. Doris Ann worked hard for breast cancer patients, past and present, everywhere.

Thank you, Doris Ann, for your friendship and leadership.